About Aligned Action

Aligned Action supports
individuals & teams in:

Creativity, Personal Expression, Success

Creating an environment that nurtures creativity, personal expression and success

Achieving Results

Achieving substantive results in an effortless manner

Making choices

Making choices that reflect what they truly value

Expanding Understanding

Constantly expanding their understanding of the context in which they work and live, as well as of their productive habits and strategies, values and empowering beliefs

Mastering, Reengineering, Strengthening

Mastering new habits, reengineering their strategies and strengthening their leadership muscles

Best Self

Becoming their best selves

Aligned Action embraces the philosophy of acting and being in synch with our deep essence while contributing to the bigger systems we belong to.


Taking action in alignment is about doing what we do not because we have to but because we want to. Our mission is to make that available to our clients and partners and to those whom they lead and/or support personally and professionally.


  • Creating a clear and compelling vision that propels us into the future,
  • Setting straightforward goals for ourselves that are aligned with our vision,
  • Nurturing our confidence by recognizing the opportunities around us,
  • Building empowering beliefs by drawing upon our inner resources,
  • Igniting “the fire within” by living our values,
  • Sustaining our energy and focus by maintaining a healthy discipline while moving forward

These are just some of the strategies we can assist you to develop.

We can support you via:

  • The Aligned Action International Coach Certification Program created by Jan Elfline
  • One-on-one, group and team coaching (add link to coaching)
  • Leadership and personal development solutions (link to dev.solutions
  • Mentoring for professional coaches and/or leaders who are keen to adopt a coaching approach