CAC2 Belgrade

Aligned Action International present Craft and Art of Coaching 2

Aligned Action International in partnership with Gi Group Serbia is glad to invite you to Craft and Art of Coaching 2 (CAC 2).

CAC 2 is the second part of the Aligned Action International Accredited Coach Training Program.

Should you be interested in pursuing professional coaching career or in mastering the craft and art of coaching so that you can support others on their path to success, please contact us at

The CAC2 program will take place in Belgrade, Serbia.

This program is organized in 4 modules and the next dates will be shortly announced.

The program will be delivered in English.

The trainer for this program will be Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova (PCC, ICF)

Why to certify as coach with the CAC2?

  • CAC2 provides 60 ACSTH (core competencies) that you may use for your credentialing with ICF
  • CAC2 provides 60 CEE units (core competencies) you may use for your credential renewal
  • The AAI Accredited Coach Training Program is a comprehensive coach training program that prepares its students to enter the coaching profession as certified coaches.
  • Individuals who want to learn coaching skills at a professional level and employ these in a career other than coaching, also seek it out. The participants in this course come from diverse professions in roles as managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators and artists.
  • According to the ICF 2016 Global Coaching Study almost all coach practitioners (99%) reported receiving some form of coach-specific training. A large majority (89%) receiving training that was accredited or approved by a professional coaching organization.
  • The receipt of coach-specific training was also very high among managers/leaders using coaching skills and three in four (73%) reported receiving accredited or approved coach-specific training.
  • A large majority of coach practitioners (77%) and managers/leaders (72%) using coaching skills agreed that individuals or organizations using coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed.

Join us now!

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