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Aligned Action International

The Aligned Action International (AAI) Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF ACTP) is a comprehensive coach training course that prepares its students to enter the coaching profession as certified coaches. Individuals who want to learn coaching skills at a professional level and then employ those skills in a career other than coaching also seek it out. The participants in this course come from diverse professions in roles as managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators and artists.

The AAI coaching models and perspectives center on self-leadership.  Choice and responsibility are recurring themes. The classroom experience is primarily hands-on, and individual exercises stress different ICF core competencies.

Our philosophy


Too often we try to convince ourselves to stir up motivation for what we brand as “good for us.”
The AAI coaching philosophy invites clients and coaches to move from a mindset of self-control (or self-management) to one of self-leadership. With this shift, life takes on a richer quality of choices and a profound sense of freedom. We take a thoughtful approach to action, taking action not for its own sake, but only when it is aligned with who we are and what we want for the larger system we belong to.

The teaching of Craft and Art


Coaching Craft is about using skills with accuracy and precision. It is about making the commitment that you will, to the best of your ability, get things done right. While there is not a script for you to follow as a coach, there are skills that will enhance your performance. We will be exploring numerous specific coaching skills throughout this course. We will also specify ways for you to apply NLP skills in a coaching context.

Some of the first skills we will explore are:

  • The ability to listen to both the client’s words, and to what is beneath the words
  • The skill to notice what the client’s language reveals about their values and preferences
  • The ability to build trust, and to create an alliance of client and coach
  • The ability to help clients move into action that is aligned with their values and with who they are and who they want to be

Another aspect of The Craft of Coaching is the process of using coaching skills, either by building a coaching practice or by applying coaching principles in your current work and life. If you want to become a professional coach, you will learn to create agreements and coaching contracts, and complete the necessary requirements to move toward ICF certification.

When we speak about Artful Coaching, we are often describing the coach’s way of being more than anything specific that the coach is doing. Art in coaching is achieved when the coach creates an atmosphere of safety and challenge. The client feels acknowledged, and is supported as they stretch into their own personal unknown. As you move toward mastery in coaching you will continue to build your “not knowing” muscle. Being artful or masterful does not mean you have to be perfect or have your own life all “figured out”. It does mean that you are “enrolled in life as a learner.” As you practice the art of coaching, you make a habit of assessing without judging. Along the way, you learn to use extreme curiosity in evaluating “what is” in your own life. As you guide your clients to step back and notice from the perspective of open curiosity, you build your skill at doing that for yourself.

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